On Innards | Publication: Launch at London Art Book Fair, London, 10 – 13 September.

selection1-sm     On Innards Publication

On Innards is a multidisciplinary project developed by artists, Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky, and Mindy Lee, that explores the changing conceptualisations of guts and digestion, their impact on the creative process and the role they play in constructing and destabilising our sense of self.

Working in collaboration with bookwork artist and designer Richard Nash, the record of this two-year project has been dissected, reinterpreted, and reconnected in the form of this limited edition publication.

Lee, Couch and Hladky begin ruminating on their 2013 conference three-way conversation. Their reflections on reflections are interwoven with recalled events, artefacts, images, and stories from On Innards. Curated and intervened, the book becomes an embodiment of digestion, its intestinal form held contained by a mesenteric binding.

On Innards | Publication will be launched by The bookRoom Press at the London Art Book Fair, hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery, London, from Thursday 10 September, (6pm-9pm) through to 6pm on Sunday 13 September. Lee, Couch and Nash will be signing books at 1pm on Saturday 12 September in Gallery 2. http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/events/london-art-book-fair/

Textblock digitally printed by Riverprint on Colorplan 135 and 270gsm stock by G. F. Smith. Manilla folder printed on an Epson R2000. Cut, folded, bound and finished by hand. Individually stamped and numbered. Produced at the bookRoom Press by Lee, Couch, Hladky and Nash.

Published by bookRoom Press, Farnham.

ISBN: 978-0-9576828-5-6.

Limited edition of 200.

200 pages of various intersecting formats and custom binding.

22 x 27 x 2 cm.

On Innards | Event was generously supported by a Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Award. Attendance at the Body Horror 2 conference, and the On Innards | Exhibition, Event and Publication was generously supported by a research award from University for the Creative Arts.


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