Writing as an artist

Mindy Lee has an exhibition of publications she has written/been featured in. This show includes a disemboweled  On Innards | Publication and bridges the gap between making art, studio research, contextualising ideas and creative writing.

Wimbledon College of Art Library

Mon 16 November – Friday 27 November

On Innards at Livres d’Artistes: The Artist’s Book in Theory and Practice, 4-6 December 2015, Cardiff University.


On Innards has been invited to present at the forthcoming international conference, Livres d’Artistes: The Artist’s Book in Theory and Practice, 4-6 December 2015, at Cardiff University.

The conference, organized by the Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR), in association with the Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research and Cardiff School of Art and Design is a celebration of a recent donation of Artists’ Books from Ron King of the Circle Press, one of the most influential practitioners of the Book Arts. 

Our abstract for On Innards | Publication. Outside-inside-out: A collaborative journey is below:  

On Innards is a multidisciplinary project developed by artists, Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky, and Mindy Lee, that explores the changing conceptualisations of guts and digestion, their impact on the creative process and the role they play in constructing and destabilising our sense of self. Recently, bookwork artist and designer Richard Nash joined the project to collaborate on a record of this two-year project, dissecting, reinterpreting, and reconnecting it in the form of a limited edition artist book, On Innards | Publication, published by and produced with the support of bookRoom and University for the Creative Arts. The book is an embodiment of digestion, its intestinal form, a multitude of folds; concertinas, fold-outs, pop-ups, gate-folds, roll-folds and reveals, held by a mesenteric binding, which, when unwound, allows the book to be opened up further, unfolding to reveal hidden ideas, images and text.

The vertebrae of On Innards | Publication is a concertina form, which houses a dialogue between the four lead collaborators, Couch, Hladky, Lee, and Nash. For our contribution to ‘The Art of the Book’ conference, we propose to unfold this dialogue further from the pages of the leporello, exenterating our research, process and motivations into the space of the conference. Though a three-or-four way conversation, we will touch on some of the ideas and issues that have arisen from the making of the book. These issues include: how a book is read; the book as an embodiment of digestion; the act and implications of collaboration on ideas, process, and authorship; the overlapping journeys of artistic practice and artistic research; the visualisation and regurgitation of these artistic journeys; ideas of containment and containment of ideas; and the visceral presence of the book itself.

For further information about the conference go to, http://livresdartistes.weebly.com