On Innards | Publication – part of ‘Prescriptions’ exhibition at The Drawing Room, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury, 21 April – 25 September 2016


On Innards | Publication is part of the ‘Prescriptions’ exhibition at  The Drawing Room, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, from 21 April- 25 September 2016, curated by Dr Stella Bolaki and Egidija Čiricaitė. The exhibition presents artists’ books by Maine book artist Martha Hall for the first time in the UK, alongside artists’ books by national and international artists responding to themes of art and wellbeing. Hall’s books, created from 1998 until her death in 2003, document her experiences with breast cancer and her interactions with the medical community.


Participating artists are Mara Acoma, Sophie Adams, Veronica Adamson, Judith Alder, Penny Alexander, Karen Apps, Gunilla Åsberg, Bini Atkinson, Heather Beardsley,  Gaby Berglund Cardenas,  Marina Biagini, Janet Marie Bradley, Julie Brixey-Williams, Veronique Chance,  Sally Chinea, Egidija Ciricaite,  Carole Cluer,  Allison Cooke Brown, Margaret Cooter,  Amanda Couch, George Cullen, Fiona Davies, Emma Dolphin, Stephen Emmerson, Beth Evans, Bernard Fairhurst, Ashley Fitzgerald, Yvonne J Foster, Dylan Fox, Elizabeth Fraser,  Paula Garcia Stone, Sue Hague, Sarah Harley, Cas Holmes, Deborah Humm, Winnie Yoe, Dávid Katona,  Sonia Kneepkens Gemma Lacey,  Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Mindy Lee,  Melisa Lopez, Celeste Maia,  Andrew Malone,  Kirsty McKenzie, Nicki McNaney, Lise Melhorn-Boe, Virginia Milici, Melanie Mowinski, Emma Oconnor, Carol Pairaudeau, Anne Parfitt, David Paton, Christine Pereira-Adams, Corinne Perry, Clare Petherick, Susannah Pickering, Marta Pieregonczuk, Stevie Ronnie, Anne Rook, Mary Rouncefield, Angel Sameth, Erin K. Schmidt, Maya Schueller Elmes, Ruth Shaw-Williams, Ruchika Wason Singh,  Alison Stewart,  Randi Annie Strand, Noriko Suzuki-Bosco, Carolyn Thompson, Wendy Ann Titmus, Josie Vallely, Lizanne van Essen,  Susan Walther,  Amanda Watson-Will, Susie Wilson, Alexa Wright, Lena Wurz.


To view the online catalogue of Prescriptions please click here.


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