About On Innards


On Innards is a multidisciplinary project developed by artists Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee that explores the changing conceptualisations of guts and digestion, their impact on the creative process and the role they play in constructing and destabilising our sense of self.

The project began life as a panel of three parts presented at the ‘Body Horror 2’, international interdisciplinary Conference in Athens, in November 2013. These presentations have been published in an e-book, Body Horror and Shapeshifting: A Multidisciplinary Exploration, published by Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. 51-88. (ISBN 9781848883062). It can be purchased as a pdf at this link: https://www.interdisciplinarypress.net/online-store/ebooks/evil-monsters-horror/body-horror-and-shapeshifting

A year later, in October 2014, we presented an exhibition at Blyth Gallery, Imperial College of our artwork which explored intestines, entrails, and the digestive process as material, image, and metaphor. Accompanying the exhibition, we led a participatory and experiential day-long event On Innards | Event which explored multi-disciplinary perspectives on digestion, innards and the interior body. It brought together researchers and practitioners from the fields of gastroenterology, virology, cultural theory, art history, yoga, performance and fine art, and the medical humanities, to share knowledge and experiences.

On Innards | Publication is the next stage in the project in which we have collaborated with bookwork artist and designer Richard Nash, to dissect, reinterpret, and reconnect the record of the two year-project so far, in the form of a limited edition artist book.

On Innards | Publication, was launched through bookRoom Press at the London Art Book Fair in September 2015, and will be available to purchase online shortly.

To reserve a copy, please email on.innards@gmail.com or fill in the contact form via the On Innards contacts page.

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