Publication Contributors

Carlo Comanducci is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Birmingham (U.K.), currently working on a dissertation on psychoanalysis and cinema spectatorship focused on the contingency of embodied experience, the emancipated spectator and free associations.

Giskin Day is a senior teaching fellow at Imperial College with a specialism in medical humanities. She is interested in how context and ritual affect reactions to the taboo.

Dr Simon Gabe is Consultant Gastroenterologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer and Co-Chair of the Lennard-Jones Intestinal Failure Unit, St Mark’s hospital, Harrow.

Kerry Gallagher is a yoga practitioner and teacher and has been teaching for over 10 years, she has worked with many different people with different needs, discovering how practical and useful the techniques and philosophy of yoga is and how each individuals can incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

Nathaniel Storey works as a postgraduate researcher of virology and molecular genetics at the University of Reading.

Jamie Sutcliffe is an artist and writer and comprises one third of the print collective Covered in Toner. His work has been featured by E.R.O.S., The Brautigan Free Press and The Quietus, whilst recent exhibitions include Open/File: A Rehearsal, Outpost, Norwich, and The Speed of Sound as part of the Wind Tunnel Project, Farnborough.

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